When You Want Solitude & No One Gets It

  It's been a beautiful August, traveling up North meant getting away from the drip drip drippings of Atlanta, Georgia's humidity that tends to stick on you like an un-welcomed guest that's been dipped in […]

How I Lit $250,000 & 8 Years of Life on FIRE

Few ever really go into a situation thinking …. I'm just going to royally screw my future self over with this one. YET…. many people go to college for the wrong reasons, date and marry […]

What if your Relationships are Hurting You?

You've heard the phrase, “you’re a product of your environment” or "tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are" ? Think about all the things that make up your environment: […]

The 4 Horsemen of Ambition

In traditional folklore the 4 horsemen are Famine, Death, Conquest, and War. These 4 horsemen bring about the end of the world, and in the professional world they are Detachment, Apathy, Burnout, and Suffering. It […]