The 4 Horsemen of Ambition

In traditional folklore the 4 horsemen are Famine, Death, Conquest, and War. These 4 horsemen bring about the end of the world, and in the professional world they are Detachment, Apathy, Burnout, and Suffering. It […]

My Life as a Professional Multitasker

*This article was first published on and Life Degree has been given permission to share it* Sheena Pradhan is the owner of the meal prep delivery service, Bodybuilder Kitchen (, and the owner of the nutrition […]

Stacking Money & Smiles- True Abundance

  This is an article written by my good friend and Life Degree mentor, Pat Masucci. He's a compassionate soul with a background that ranges from business and finance to searching for health and freedom in […]

The Pursuit of a Degree in Yourself

  In October of 2015, I was at NYU in Shanghai giving a speech on….The Pursuit of a Degree in Yourself The audience was a mix of students from around the world from New Zealand […]

The Journey of an Efficient Entrepreneur

I'm honored to share the story of one of my favorite people, most inspiring peers, and an overall GOOD guy that loves what he does, Jedi. He was one of the first people I approached […]