Life Degree Society has been a great help right after college. As an art student with nothing lined up, I needed to make my skills more palatable to get employed. Workforce 101 turned out to be exactly what I needed. While there is plenty of information on the internet, hardly any of it is useful or practical. Workforce 101 provided me with the professional skills I really need to get somewhere in this world.

Jacob CookGame Art and Production Major Graduate

Gap Year Game plan

When you've graduated and still do not have plans for the next move. It's time to lay down the next great  foundational stepping stones for your life. The problem is where to begin?


What schools haven't prepared you for, we do, we teach the practical life skills from everything job search related ( such as resumes, cover letters, Linkedin, and networking) to even the soft skills (leadership qualities, emotional intelligence, office etiquette, and moving up and on to better things).  Things will change from person to a person and we take all of that into account. 


You'll need to plan for all things plannable and leave room for all the wondrous things that can, and most definitely will, pop up during this time. Let's start your FREE roadmapping session where we'll discuss if this is right for you and how to move forward as well as a BUNCH of free resources to help you get started. 

What's included?

This package is  a hybrid of our two courses below, prepping for the workforce with our Workforce 101 and helping you streamline your live as you  #RISE  in the areas of Relations, Income, Self and Efficiency. Think of it as a coaching series on "adulting" before it's too late. Each course is geared towards the individual so your journey with us will depend on our roadmapping session. 

There's alot that goes into this great life shift. Over 90% of people who took a gap year in recent years went back to school, over 85% were happier in the careers they picked. It makes for an overall more fulfilling life, if you're seriously considering it then odds are it will do you a lot of good. If you think you're a good candidate email to set up a FREE 20 minute consulting session where we help roadmap the steps you can take to make sure you've the right Plan A, and backup plans, for the adventures to come. 


Workforce 101

This course focused on the fundamentals of workforce preparedness: the Professional Portfolio and Networking Essentials. From getting you on the track to the right job to how to make sure that you can advance while you're there and beyond.


If you think you're a good candidate email to set up a FREE 20 minute consulting session where we discuss where you are, where you wanna go, and give you a blueprint of how to get there. Many are surprised from what they can get out of this one meeting. 

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This course is 4 part; Personality Testing with Myers-Briggs focused so you can see what tendencies your personality type has in life, both personal and professional and use that to your benefit. Then, Goal Setting, mix of creating the most ridiculous, yet totally achievable, goals for yourself and the affirmations and practices to make them a reality. We help you envision the best possible outcome and teach you to reverse engineer that into practical steps to get there.Before you make any plans in life you want to make sure that what you're about to do aligns with your values, beliefs, and desires for the future. The only way to do that is understand yourself now, make big plans, and reverse engineer! The workforce part will teach you how transform routine documents to thorough and compelling reflections of yourself. Your Professional Portfolio contains essential character pieces: your resume and cover letter. With Networking Essentials, we help you create or recreate a stellar LinkedIn profile and explain the world of digital business communication. We also demystify the most primitive business interaction: the exchange of business cards; see the difference between a forced interaction and a lasting connection. Learn the ropes from successful professionals who have navigated the system and come out on top.

The #RISE Blueprint

Join us for our premiere prep course offering insight into all things in "adulting" as well as student success related. We take all of the life layers and help you create an individualized game plan for yourself in the areas of Relations, Income, Self, and Efficiency. These areas have been proven by research of hundreds of thousands of students to be the ones most lack in. Leaving these swiss cheese holes in your life's armor will definitely come back to bite you in the tush later. Get ahead and patch up what's missing, #RISE above.  Course Details

Having trouble finding where to start. We can help you reflect on the areas of life that are blocking you from reaching your goals and create a blueprint of your life as you want it to be INCLUDING how to reverse engineer from goal to your current reality. If you think you're a good candidate email to set up a FREE 20 minute consulting session.

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Everything has a past, present, and future, including every one of these crucial areas; Relations, Income, Self, and Efficiency. Look back on how you have become who you are. Look at your current situation. Now, imagine where you want to be by graduation. Connect the dots. See any major gaps, or do things seem to line up appropriately? Understand that our patterns tend to repeat themselves, and if your current pattern is crooked there is no way you can push this off and be ready in time for the life you want to live. We are all for living in the moment, but only proper investment in ourselves can enable that kind of lifestyle. Now is the time to start planning for a bright and stable future. 

You can do it. Rome wasn't built in a day! Good things take time and effort.

You miss all of the moments you don't take. Every realization and reward is on the other side of your fear. 

Just remember: You Live. You Learn.