Our Mission

What We Do

Life Degree Society (Life Degree) is here to help students figure out the kind of life they want to live and how to create it. We are an academic consulting service driven towards improving the student experience for young people all over the world.


Having created a service that supports and inspires students to take control of their lives via practical skills, a community of like-minded individuals, we helping students peel back the layers of themselves to find what they really want to do with their time on our little blue planet.


We're here to help you make things happen before that protective bubble we call "academia" bursts and the "real world" has you questioning yourself… a little too late.



Student life, from middle school all the way through a college, is murky, and its struggles are undefined. We don’t pretend to know everything. Instead, Life Degree’s mission is to consult with students, formal ones and students of the hard knocks of life, using a well-rounded approach to their academic career.


Why We Do It

The student lifestyle demands more from young people, creating new challenges in their  Relations, Income, Self, and Efficiency. Life Degree Society targets students’ personal, social, and professional needs and provides them with the skills necessary to navigate their way to a fulfilling life.  

Our program aims to lower unemployment and underemployment rates of young people, increase retention rates, minimize student debt, and close the gaps that are so detrimental to students and young professionals. We believe in fueling social progress by helping one student at a time.


Life Degree is self-help, but we’re taking the term pretty literally – we are the help, you are the self. We give you tools and activities meant to develop your skills, but it is your job to put these tools into action. Browsing the internet is one thing, implementing what you learn is another. We have the inspiration and motivation that you need to make meaningful changes in your life. How do we know? Well, we practice what we preach and we feel pretty damn happy and successful.


How We Do It

Our service empowers students with unique insights from successful recent college grads. The interactive program includes webinars, tutorials, workshops, exercises, blogs, and one-on-one consulting for students eager to expand their academic experience.  

We have identified 4 areas of life that are the most crucial to student success;

  1. Relations,

  2. Income,

  3. Self, and

  4. Efficiency 

With these 4 areas we #RISE to the challenge of a Life Degree.



Relations are More

So, what about Relations? At Life Degree, we know that relationship issues go far beyond choosing a relationship status on Facebook. In addition to boyfriends and girlfriends, there are bosses, future bosses, professors and teachers, coworkers, friends, family, mentors, enemies, frenemies, dogs, cats, the pizza delivery guy…. every day is full of interactions, and we’re here to help you figure them out.


Income is More

When we talk about Income, we’re talking about more than filling out the FAFSA and learning how to budget. We’re talking about developing life-long skills that will sustain you throughout your academic career and beyond, including saving, budgeting, understanding loans, shopping like a pro, renting textbooks, and cooking dope meals on $5 a day. When you graduate Life Degree Finance you’ll be so capable that people on the street will be asking you to do their taxes. Not really, but you get the idea.


Self is More

We also help you navigate internal and external matters of the Self. Self is our way of summing up your mental and physical well-being (internal) combined with the image you present to the outside world (external). Studenthood is one of the most trying times in your life. We understand that the Freshman 15 is NOT a myth and that creating a legit-looking LinkedIn is a pain in the ass. Stick with us.


Efficiency is More

Finally, we help you handle the stress of academia by focusing on Efficiency. To us, it’s not just about avoiding all-nighters and writing to-do lists (though we can help with that too!). Efficiency is about learning how to transition into adulthood where demands from school, work, and your social sphere increase exponentially. You can’t change the hours in a day, but you can change your behavior to reclaim some of those hours.



To tackle these challenges we've developed personalizable courses geared towards the "teaching a person how to fish" mentality.

Head over to our courses to see which are being offered now.


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As a rising senior in high school, Workforce 101 helped prepare me to enter the working world by teaching me how to develop my own professional identity. It taught me all the essential skills and tricks to impress future employers, ranging from creating strong resumes and LinkedIn profiles to building excellent communication and interview skills.  I now have a greater sense of confidence and feel ready to embrace larger opportunities in the future. I am so grateful for Life Degree and would highly recommend its services to any young adult seeking to excel in the job market.

Bethany KoBiochemistry Major at Seoul International School