Our Team

Wait, Who Are We?

Borana Hajdinaj, CEO & Founder

Borana founded Life Degree during her gap time before the leap into law school. She struggled after a successful undergraduate career, and graduating at the top of her major, with clarity on her path. She was empowered as she saw her sisters struggling with their lack of fulfillment from their education. Life Degree was born, to recycle her own life lessons, along with those of other successful recent grads, into a program that could hel[ her sisters, and many other students, maneuver the world of academia.

Borana is a lawyer by trade, having graduated from Emory University's School of Law with a Transactional Certificate that allows her to wheel and deal with the best of them. She is a mediator by training, certified at one of the most prestigious Justice Centers in the nation, and now is using her skills to help students, parents, educational institutions, and businesses resolve conflict and discord to the benefit of the whole. Her calling into business began when she was working for startups 5 years ago and enjoyed the creativity they allowed individuals to fill great social needs. She has been involved in the educational sphere for 10 years, having started as a private tutor. Her energy is mainly focused as CEO and chief "anti-advisor" at Life Degree, her mission being helping her clients arrive at their own sustainable life-altering answers. Life Degree has been the culmination of a quest for the passion and purpose to always know more in hopes of helping others to do the same.  She loves Turkish coffee, endless song loops, and life-changing conversations with unexpected people.




Our Mentors



Ms. Relations

Sarah D. Carlson

Sarah is the queen of Professional Narrative, helping individuals create a compelling story for their professional and personal lives. She is an avid communicator and forges lasting and trusting partnerships through dedication to others.


She earned her Bachelor's degree in Spanish and Political Science at the University of Arizona and her law degree from Harvard Law School in 2007.  After law school, Sarah clerked for a federal judge in Atlanta and then found herself practicing commercial litigation at a top law firm in New York City where she represented large financial institutions in business disputes that arose out of the financial crisis. While doing this high profile legal work, however, Sarah realized that it was not in line with her vision for her life.  

After a succesful stint volunteering in Haiti, Sarah started working with law students at Emory University School of Law as a career advisor and Director of the Center for Professional Development and Career Strategy.  In that role, Sarah has worked with hundreds of students, helping them navigate their professional futures. She created the first for-credit professional development course, called Professional Narrative, which is designed to teach students how to put the facts of their experience in the light most favorable to them through the concept of narrative. The course has now expanded and is being taught to all kinds of professionals. 
In addition to her professional endeavors, Sarah also has a beautiful English bulldog named Turkey and is a passionate traveler, singer, yogi, and coffee enthusiast.  


Income Truth-Seeker

Calvin Thomas

Calvin discovered his interest in the stock market at the ripe age of 15. Ever since, his devotion to finance has been contagious, spreading to every facet of his life. He wants to help others find their own true calling, whether or not it’s in finance.


Calvin is currently majoring in Finance and Legal Studies, but his interest in finance started long before undergrad. He rebuilt his High School’s Stock Market Club as president, learning important lessons about leadership and passion-driven learning.

He packed those lessons along with his bags when he moved to New York college. He joined the student chapter of the New York Society of Security Analysts (NYSSA) at its inception and has since held several officer positions in the society. Calvin is always doing independent research on the financial world.

Calvin’s role as Finances mentor is to improve students’ knowledge about finance overall, whether they’re aspiring to break into the finance industry or just properly manage their personal finances. If you want to invest in yourself and hone in on your financial skill, as simple as budgeting, keep an eye out for Calvin’s posts to channel your passion towards a profitable life.


Self Goddess

Sheena Pradhan

Sheena has natural talents for business and visual creativity, shaping her dream to work in the fashion industry. She studied nutrition, this passion has driven her to launch her own fashion blog, through which she hopes to inspire others to be their truest self and to follow their dreams.


Sheena graduated in 2011 with a degree in Nutrition and Food Science. Soon after she founded Nutritious Balance, a nutrition consulting service, which she grew successfully for five years.

At 24, Sheena made a bold change and moved to New York City. While living in “the city where dreams are made,” Sheena’s own dreams of working in fashion and modeling began to unfold. She used pageantry as an outlet for these interests, competing in Miss New Jersey USA and Miss New York USA. In 2015, Sheena won the title of Miss East Coast U.S. Supranational and went on to compete at the national level for Miss U.S. Supranational.

Sheena is continuing her interest in fashion and modeling by launching her fashion blog, Tuline Tulip, in November 2015.

Her experience in health and her constant pursuit to align her external and internal images make Sheena our perfect fit for a Self Mentor.

Efficiency Creator

Jedi Weller

Jedi is an entrepreneur-extraordinaire, having taken his business and coding skills across to country to help various startups and small businesses reach more people. He believes in helping the world through technology and civic engagement.


Jedi graduated in 2012 with a degree in Computer Science, but he might as well have built his own life education, he not only excelled in formal education but took great leaps to enlighten himself and others in day to day activities. He took his skills beyond Philadelphia to Silicon Valley, where he worked as the Director of Operations @Geekli.st and to Greece, where he worked at the Technological Institute of Crete. He has also and spoken and mentored at various landmark tech events, like SXSW Slashathon, and The Web Summit.

Jedi’s interests and skills are wide-ranging. He is an entrepreneur, dog lover, avid recycler, and the organizer of the fast-growing meetup in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Junto Meetup. He juggles these commitments with finesse, tackling his time with the same strategy as a line of code. Jedi has a firm grasp on what he likes and what he wants, making him an extremely organized Productivity Mentor.


Feel free to shoot the Life Degree Society team a message whether you have a question, comment, or concern! We will get back to you shortly.