We go through life being told what to do by others, school trains us to listen to what we’re told or we won’t succeed. Turns out, that’s not all that we need. Life is multi-faceted and so is education.

Some truths for you:

There is no single place, institution, or entity that can teach you everything you need to know to reach your academic and, later, professional goals.

There is no perfect time to start branching out. All of our lives take different directions at different times, and that’s a good thing.

There is no one way to do things. Your way is the way because no one is living your life but you.

We’re here to make things easier, but to do that for you we need you to want it for yourself. This is going to be a reciprocal relationship — all the best ones are. As we stand by your side, we ask that you be honest with yourself and with us, so that we can figure out the best approach to your journey.

After you accept this, take a look at all we have to offer.

Join us as we maneuver the areas of Relations, Income, Self, and Efficiency to offer you the soft and hard skills necessary to flourish in the academic and “real” world. #RISE

If all the above hasn’t resonated with you yet, then look at this video. If it reflects your concerns, delve deeper. We have a lot to offer you, and you have a lot to offer us.

That's what we're all about. You live. You learn.

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