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We are a team of regular people who think that college is an amazing life experience, but also an incredibly difficult life experience. We know this because we’ve done it. There are so many facets to the college experience, but there is nowhere to address all of them at once. That is where we want to make a change. We believe that we can target the entire college experience from the freshman 15, to time management skills, to making friends, and to filling out the FAFSA. We want to do it all in one place, so that you can easily access the information you need and find new information that you didn’t even think you needed.

If our pitch comes off as self-helpy, that’s because it is.

Life Degree is self-help, but we’re taking the term pretty literally – we are the help, you are the self. We give you tools and activities meant to develop your skills, but it is your job to put these tools into action. Browsing the internet is one thing, implementing what you learn is another. We have the inspiration and motivation that you need to make meaningful changes in your life. How do we know? Well, we practice what we preach and we feel pretty damn happy and successful.

We have identified four areas of life, our Life Layers, that can be especially hard to juggle in college:

  • Relations

  • Income

  • Self

  • Efficiency

When you explore life openly and passionately you become a life-long learner primed for greatness. #RISE

Now let’s get your degree in living.

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