Workforce 101- Career Prep

What is Workforce 101?

Workforce 101 is an affordable but intense webinar course that prepares young adults for their professional lives. Through examples, activities, templates, challenges, and some tough love this webinar will unpack the complex and often unspoken requirements of professional success.  

How do we do get you ready for the right life career for you? Well, in 3 easy steps, OBVI. The Workforce 101 Syllabus is divided into:


1) Workforce 101 Inspirational Heads Up Webinar and Google Hangout Q&A​

This means an overview of what's to come, self-reflection exercises where we deeply analyze your skills, weaknesses, fears, and accomplishments.  

2) Practical Career Search Tools

  • Professional Portfolio: Resume & Cover Letter

  • Networking Essentials: Linkedin & Business Card Pitch

3) Professional Narrative Webinar and Google Hangout Q&A

Building Your own  with the one and only Sarah Carlson, Harvard Law Alum, Adjunct Professor, and Career Coach, so that you can nail that 1st impression!


What are the Practical Career search Tools?

The necessary requirements to getting your foot in the door are having a professional portfolio, your resume and cover letter up to snuff and ready to rock, as well as having a strong grasp of your networking essentials, your Linkedin game should be strong and your business card pitching fierce. Read below for more of what we cover in both areas. 


The Professional Portfolio


Take a look at real, undoctored resumes and learn about the industry-specific content, style, and formatting standards of resume-writing. Watch as a crappy resume is turned into a piece of solid gold, then try our method on your own.

Cover Letter

Learn how to reconstruct your resume into a fleshed out cover letter, then learn how to calibrate it for different jobs and industries. Create the cover letter for your dream job using our guaranteed non-generic interactive template.

Your Networking Essentials


Discover how to craft a superior profile and how to connect with stellar people. We’ll guide you through the thorny world of digital connections and show you how to get recommendations and endorsements on the way.

Business Card 

Reevaluate society’s myths about business card exchange with our tips for creating a memorable card and a personal pitch driven by authenticity, not schmooze.


What will I get out of this?

We can measure exactly how much this service will cost you: $250 and two hours of your time each day for only a week! What you gain, however, is a ton: an astute and adaptable formula for writing resumes; a template for inspired and genuine cover letters; critical, no-bullshit advice about the LinkedIn behemoth (you can’t avoid it forever!); and a demystified, realistic explanation of business cards and the personal pitch. We don’t make you feel better about what you have, we make certain that you do things right. Our goal for you is your dream job, and Workforce 101 will be your kick out the door and into the interview. 


Do I really need this?

Listen, we don’t know you. But chances are, if you are searching Google for resume help or if you’re a first time resume writer or if you just want a new perspective on a severely dried out topic so you can make new moves in life, you will benefit from this. We can help newcomers lacking in experience or seasoned vets seeking a fresh take on things. If you are a young person looking for opportunity we really REALLY want to help you, because we needed the same help at one point.


I'm in! How do I apply?

Complete our awesome application,  it's rolling admissions and you'll get an acceptance response within the week! If you've already completed the application and want to buy the course then: 

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